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Thursday, April 1, 2021

No more product sales, the future is about solving the problem - SPIN Selling

Selling now is first to understand the problem, not always what the salesman sees first is the problem, unless we dig deep with 4Ws and 1H we would never know what the PROBLEM is. 

Take the example of vacuum cleaners, 10 to 20 years back of we need to buy a vacuum cleaner, we would go to a store meet the salesman who knows more about the product and get a demo. During that period, we had less competition, you end up purchasing that vacuum cleaner.

But now we can go online and check and compare multiple vacuum cleaners, select the one that suits us, check reviews on Amazon, post on Twitter and Facebook to my friends and followers to share their feedback about the product before purchase. Once we are through with our research, only then we start comparing the costs on multiple e-commerce websites and purchase from the one that gives us the maximum discount.

But imagine a scenario, when a sales or solution expert drives deep to understand why I need a vacuum cleaner, this can be either for

1 - Cleaning the carpet, as it keeps on accumulating dust regularly.

2 - Clean glass sliding windows.

3 - Clean the ceiling, as difficult for my hand to reach.

3 - Clean sofa

Now going deep to understand the problem, which might lead the salesperson to give a better solution to the customer. This might be offering house cleaning services, which might be cheaper than the cost of the vacuum cleaner or joining a neighborhood club where all members pool white goods and use it once a month or end up buying a new carpet cover that doesn't let the dust settle in the carpet.

The new age Salesperson should drill and question the customer to understand the exact problem, rather than just give the solution.

Find the right problem to solve, what is important?

As per the study, physicians interrupted the patient in the first 18 secs of discussion, if you do not understand the problem, how can you prescribe the right dose of medicine.

Listening without intimation is not listening. We stop interrupting and wait for 15-sec before you reply.

Use 'Yes and Instead' instead of 'and but'

This helps to engage and drive the customer to explain their problem with all the information, this can be with his real-life problems and how he/she is dealing with them. This will help the salesperson to arrive at a solution along with the customer. Customer been part of the solution creation process, it helps to have better buying to increase in usage of the solution. 

This article is based on the book, SPIN Selling by Neil Rackham