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Learn how to make smart connection requests on LinkedIn, to grow your network using AI tools.

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LinkedIn Coach Moses Gomes

Mentor, Advertising professional, Teacher and AI addict

Are you prepared to maximize LinkedIn's skill to advance your professional career? Course designed for intermediate and beginner LinkedIn users alike, our comprehensive course, instructed by the renowned LinkedIn instructor Moses Gomes, will equip you with the critical abilities required to distinguish yourself, establish strategic connections, and thrive in the professional sphere..

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How everyone is using LinkedIn

Apply for jobs "Click Apply"

Sending messages to HR or leadership for jobs

LinkedIn profile = copy of resume

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LinkedIn profile that with keywords that recruiters look for

LinkedIn posts that talk about your skills and edge you have over other candidates

Create content like influencers that resonate with your network

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Frequently Asked Questions

It's Absolutely! Our course is tailored for both beginners and intermediate LinkedIn users.

It's Once enrolled, you have 365 days or one year access to the course content. The major reason being new tools and algorithm changes every 6 to 8 months on Linkedin. Hence, I will be launched an upgrade version of the course.

Yes, the course is designed with flexible, bite-sized modules so you can learn at your own pace as per your availability. I also encourage learners to watch the course at least 2 to 3 times to understand the techniques.

Although there is no thumb rule, I usually listen to the entire course at 2X speed just to learn and understand the flow. Then I again start with the course, but at this stage I usually slow down and try to follow the hands-on technique. Hence, I focus on just 2 to 3 chapters per day. And try them out for a couple of days before moving on to the next chapters.

This is a FREE course for all my community members.

You can connect with me on

Absolutely! Our platform is mobile-friendly, allowing you to access the course content anytime, anywhere, from your smartphone or tablet. But we suggest using a desktop, since the screen size is small, and you won’t be able to try out the prompts or canva on alternate tab or screen.

Yes, we provide continuous support through discussion forums and periodic Q&A sessions. These sessions are conducted once a month. You can directly drop chat with questions, and I will accordingly plan the session. Stay connected with the community and get your queries addressed even after completing the modules.

Our course stands out with Moses Gomes, a LinkedIn coach with 28,000 followers, as the instructor. With a wealth of experience as a faculty member at top colleges and in advertising and marketing, Moses brings a unique perspective, ensuring you receive industry-relevant insights and strategies for your LinkedIn journey.

I believe in the power of giving to the community. I charge only for one – to – one personal coaching, as that needs huge time investment. But I just request you send me a testimonial once you complete the course on how it helped you.

We understand the dynamic nature of Linkedin. Hence whenever we get any email from Linkedin about new features, we will create additional modules. You can trust that you're learning the most current and relevant strategies for success.

While Moses Gomes is actively involved in creating the course content, direct interaction occurs through periodic live Q&A sessions and discussion forums. This provides you with the opportunity to engage with Moses and fellow learners, ensuring a supportive and interactive learning experience. But still, you may drop me a message on [email protected] or connect me on

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